Megan’s In Altitude Training

Masks used for altitude training

Demanding challenges require demanding training! The above picture shows Bertram‘s Megan Davies and friend in their altitude training masks. The mask simulates altitude by creating pulmonary resistance, so it takes more effort to breathe. It makes training that bit tougher, but endurance events a little easier for the body to cope with.

Swiss Altitude TrainingNot content with simulating altitude, Megan was also at real altitude in the Alps over New Year. The picture shows her training in Switzerland.

Megan also showed real endurance and determination with her fund-raising last year. She told us:

“I ran a quiz in the summer, did a lot of cake sales at work and I have started manning a charity car park a few times a year. You just have to give up some hours on a Saturday and every penny raised goes to your charity. It’s done on football days and usually raises between £250 and £300, which is a great boost. The first one I did of those last year was in the snow and the last one in baking sunshine – the football season seems very long!!”

And all so she could go for a run in the sand…

G2GUltra“The picture is me taking on the dunes during the 54 mile stage of the race, I’d have been about 40 miles in at this point, so on the home stretch.”

As well as the two races for 2014 we’ve told you about already, Megan said:

“Just to let you know, I signed up for another race the other day, I’ll be completing the SaltMarsh75 on the 4th and 5th October (75 miles over the 2 days). Still hoping to do Cambodia too.

I’ll be using the same JustGiving page to raise more money for Sarcoma UK with this one.”

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    Impressive – I’d wondered what those altitude training masks looked like.

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