Pink Fairy Run!

Eugene howson 100 fairiesWe’ve had a quick call from LTN‘s Eugene Howson regarding his recent activities…

“Here is my least embarrassing picture*.

Each Fairy is trying to raise £100, with a total target of £10,000. If you go on the website** you will see how that is progressing


* = from the Pink Fairies running in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research at the recent Royal Berkshire 10k run.

** = Over £5,200 at the time of publication and counting – Ed

Love the matching hair and specs Eugene!

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Books for the Girls

Books for Sunjavi Girls Home

One thing leads to another! Megan Davies has news of how her recent trip to Sri Lanka lead to her not only fundraising for her own initiative, but also helped a fellow runner with theirs…

“While in Sri Lanka recently, I met a fellow runner who is working to help set-up and establish an orphanage just outside of Mumbai. They are trying to provide an education to help the girls learn that there is more to life than the slums and working from an early age.

They are teaching life skills as well as academics, helping the girls understand the world, how it should work (as opposed to what they are used to seeing) and other skills such as how to manage money and live independently.

Sanjavi Girl’s Home was set up recently by Voice, a charitable organisation that cares for vulnerable, neglected and underprivileged children. They take young girls off the streets and provide them with a safe and welcoming home environment.

The home currently houses 35 girls between the ages of 5 and 17, with the capacity to house 50. They provide free education, food, clothing, shelter and health services, but are dependent on donations to keep going and to give the girls the best possible chance.

Books arrival

The boxes of books created a great deal of excitement on their arrival

After speaking with Justin Adams, it was clear that he could see the importance and value in sending some books out to Sanjavi, to help them achieve their goal to reach out to vulnerable, neglected street and under privileged children and through education, enable them to become whole human beings and self-reliant, contributing citizens.

With the help of a few of the Bertrams team across several departments, we were able to send out 8 boxes of books for a number of different age ranges and covering a large variety of subjects, from academic and vocational topics to fictional reading that can be done to wind down.

The books mean so much to both the residents at the orphanage and the staff who, without which, would carry on lacking the tools they need to help educate the girls.”

What a fantastic story Megan and it’s amazing how one good thing leads to another!

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Reading Raid Their Cupboards

reading food

Louise Blake has the latest news from Reading

“For last month’s charity event staff in Reading House raided their kitchen cupboards to bring in unwanted tins and dried food to donate to our local food bank which had been broken into a few weeks before.

We also raised over £50 to donate alongside the 4 boxes of food we collected.”

Good work Louise!

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Megan Tries a Tri

Megan Running  in Sri LankaOn Sunday Bertrams‘ Megan Davies is trying a new type of event for her, a sprint triathlon! You may remember her time in Sri Lanka was a rather painful one and it turns out the injury to her foot was actually a bad break, which she powered through and still managed to finish the last 3 days of the race (ouch!)

Unfortunately the doctor wouldn’t allow her to do the London Marathon as planned, so she had to pull out and rest her foot, to give it chance to heal properly. She’s now back on her feet and taking part in a triathlon.

It’s called the Thetford Tearjerker, an off-road sprint triathlon held in Thetford forest, which is billed as ‘East Anglia’s toughest triathlon’. It includes the following:

  • 750m swim
  • 25k mountain biking
  • 5k trail run

Phew! Megan says:

“A triathlon has been on the bucket list for a while now, and when I saw this one I thought it looked like fun, so I am taking a sidestep from the usual running to have a go at something different.

The swimming has been a challenge, but I have now worked out how to cover the distance and then some and have actually started really enjoying that part of it…although I may feel differently in a lake.

This is all to have a bit of fun really, while taking on a new challenge. If I manage to get round without drowning or going over the handlebars of a bike then I’ll be very happy! As usual, I’m raising money and awareness for Sarcoma UK while doing this. I was really disappointed to have to pull out of the London Marathon, so I’m pleased to have more events coming up to make up for that.”

Go Megan, go!

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Team Lucas Go Walking

wiltshire air ambulance logoRowan House‘s Craig Duff  has set himself quite a challenge. On August 1st, He and the other 5 members of “Team Lucas” will tackle the Three Peaks  (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon) in 24 hours.

He has a very special reason for doing so. The aim is to raise £2,500 for Wiltshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust to pay them back for a much-needed taxi ride that Craig’s son Lucas took in January this year.

On the team’s JustGiving page Craig says:

“On Monday 19 January 2015, my wife took Lucas (16 months old at the time) shopping to our local supermarket. Halfway through lunch in the cafe Lucas had a severe allergic reaction. Thanks to Wiltshire Air Ambulance (“WAA”), Lucas made it to Bristol Children’s Hospital and received the urgent care he required.

Lucas’ ride in WAA’s helicopter cost the charity £2,500.  WAA receives no government or lottery funding.  It is funded 100% by donations and fundraising initiatives.  The aim of our challenge is therefore simple – to raise enough money to pay WAA back for what they did for Lucas (and then some if possible).”

We wish you and the rest of the team well, Craig and hope your son has fully recovered now.

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John Survives the Rat Race

John Bartnell tuffnells Tuffnell‘s John Bartle survived the Rat Race Dirty Weekend and has news of his fundraising efforts…

“I managed to raise £370 pounds for Children with Cancer UK. I would like to express my personal thanks to yourselves for the support also a special thanks to the chairman of Tuffnells Parcels Lloyd Dunn for his extraordinary generosity.”

John has also sent us the link to the race report from the Daily Mail. There’s plenty of pictures showing what a tough challenge he and the other 8,000 entrants set themselves!

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Pitch or Court: Now Choose Your Sport!

Pitch or Court logoWe’re delighted to announce details of our sports tournament for 2015, where netball joins football as the game with everything to play for!

The date is Sunday, 27th September, the time is 9-4pm and the venue is the Futsal Stadium, Swindon, the scene of our successful Group football tournament for the past 2 years.

Once more the Alan Humphrey Trophy will be up for grabs for the futsal players, and a new trophy will be on display for the winners of the netball tournament.

Football teams require 5 people, plus a goalie and a reserve; netball teams need 7 players plus a reserve. The tournament is open to Connect Group employees only, so no ringers please!

We have lots of information for you about the day, the tournaments and the games as follows:

Please note in particular the rules concerning the use of players in each tournament, the equipment you’ll need to bring with you, and the restrictions on drinking alcohol. There’ll be plenty of time for celebrations afterwards!

Finally there’s the all important Registration Form for you to complete once you’ve assembled your team.

This promises to be a fun day where you, your friends and family are all invited!

The closing date for team entries is 21st August 2015.

If you have any further questions after reading all the information, email Laura Smith or call her on 01793 563753.

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Tish Joins the Dream Team

Dream TeamOn Saturday night and Sunday morning Rowan House‘s Tish Payne will be power-walking through the streets of London!

Just like Sam Lucas did last year, she’ll be sporting a decorated bra for her 26.2 mile Moonwalk to fundraise for Walk the Walk, a charity which supports many charities involved with breast cancer.

Tish is joined by 4 friends, who’ve called themselves the Dream Team. Here’s their fundraising page – their fundraising goal is £500.

Good luck Tish and the rest of the Dream Team!

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Behold, 100 Pink Fairies

100 Pink Fairies

Suits you!

LTN‘s Eugene Howson has news of his latest venture…

“On Sunday 17th May, I have been asked to run a 10k.

Wait for it!!!!!!!!!- Dressed as a Pink Fairy! (Fancy dress has been ordered).

The challenge:

Get 100 runners to dress as Pink Fairies to run a 10k race and raise 10k, in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

The event is the Royal Berkshire 10k which is held at Green Park, Reading. It’s a bit of fun, and proceeds go to a good cause to aid research in blood cancers. Each Fairy (I mean runner) has pledged to raise £100.

You can give support which is always appreciated by visiting a shared website (page owner Nick Robey).”

On the JustGiving Page Nick says:

“It makes sense – 100 pink fairies running 10k in order to raise 10k and make a difference. To be a fairy you can be any age between 15 and 100 and of any running ability at all as it’s the taking part and raising money that counts.”

What a fun idea! We can’t wait to see the photos AND find out what you’ll be up to next Eugene ;)

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Borehamwood Have a Food Day

Mmmm, dig in - it's all for a good cause!

Mmmm, dig in – it’s all for a good cause!

The Trans-Pennine Hike on July 18th may seem a long way away, but Borehamwood are already up and running with their fundraising!

Chris Foord and Abby Slinger have signed up for this event, so their colleagues thought the best way to show their support was to get the food in! They arranged an impressive selection of sweet and savoury food last Friday, with a suggested donation of £2 per plate.

They raised £71 which goes towards the £250 Chris and Abby have each committed to raise for Macmillan Cancer Support. Here’s their JustGiving Page.

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